Welcome To the Neighbourhood

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

About this weblog

We are a group of writers who are collaborating on a series of short stories about the same pool of characters. Each of us writes in his or her own voice, and each has the power of God over the characters and plot while they are under his or her pen.

The stories that will appear here will vary in voice, tone and even genre. The only limitation we are giving ourselves is that we must respect the "histories" that have already been written about these characters.

We are aiming to create a loose patchwork of short tales. Each story should stand on its own, but taken together should paint a picture of a community. We have no control over what fates other members choose for our characters.

If you would like to join us, send an email to breebop [at] gmail.com. Please include a character sketch introducing someone new to the 'neighbourhood' and we will use that to judge whether you'll be a good fit here. You can feel free to bring in guest stars from other stories, and create relationships between your character and others'. Your character is "yours" in this first story, but after that his or her fate depends on the whims of the writer gods...


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