Welcome To the Neighbourhood

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lee's Roommate

Sometimes Jill didn't give two shits about her neighbours. Most of the time she tried to stay out of the way, but sometimes, she really could care less about what Jackista, the old biddy, or Les, the urban cowboy, thought of her.

And when she heard her phone ringing at the end of the hallway her giant boots made crashing thuds all the way down; each door getting a louder thump than the last. Her next-door neighbour Lucy, or Landy, or Lettuce, would have heard the heavy metal door crash into her wall as Jill burst through her entryway and threw her helmet on her couch.

huff"Hello?" huff "Gurpreet! No, I haven't heard from Mark." huff "Really? Where?" huff "When did she get back?" huff "I haven't heard from her, either." huff "That's very odd, indeed." littlehuff "Sure, where are we going tonight?" inaudiblehuff "Sounds good. I'll just get changed and I'll meet you guys down there."

Jill hadn't seen Edith Brennan in over a year. Last time it was at some house party of Mark and Lee's. As she got changed, she contemplated where Edith might be, if she had moved back into the old house on Cherry Street or if she had found somewhere else. She kind of disappeared last year when she moved to Prince Edward Island in the summer. No email, no calls. Just vanished. And then she reappeared. Only to Mark and gave no indication as to where she is now, except that she was in the Buy-Rite parking lot the other day.

Very strange, she thought.


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