Welcome To the Neighbourhood

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Arlington Road

I ripped this off of some stuff going around the 'net. -Aaron

Klaus: The London job went off without a hitch, Leo. Once we land this plane, you will learn all about it

Leo: London job? What London job?

Klaus: Arlington Road, Leo. Remember the operation I called Arlington Road?

Leo: Yeah. The political thing named after the movie, right?

Klaus: Yes.

Leo: So what happened in London?

Klaus: When you watch the news, you will learn that up to four bombs went off in London, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. It will, of course, be blamed on 'terrorists'.

Leo: What was your modus operandi?

Klaus: My methods? Simple. The cover was a terror drill being conducted by a consulting firm we hired. They were given a scenario very similar to what eventually unfolded. We had them conduct the terror drills at precisely the same locations where we expected the bombs to go off. To add realism, we hired four young Arab-looking men.

Leo: Where'd you get them?

Klaus: We recruited them from mosques. Each of the men were given backpacks full of what we told them were 'dummy' explosives. They were 'red team', and we had several agents on the 'blue team'.

Leo: sort of like a cat-and-mouse excercise then.

Klaus: No, not really. The dummy explosives were delivered to the red team members the night before. They were given the train numbers and were told to board those trains. Also, they were told to carry identification in case they were caught. They could prove that they were a part of this excercise, the perfect cover. Red team members were given precise instructions not to lock their doors when they left. After red team left their homes, blue team were told that they were delivering the dummy explosives when the red team was already enroute to the targets.

Leo: So what's the point of that?

Klaus: To give the authorities something to discover.

Leo: So they left their doors unlocked so blue team could plant explosives in their homes, correct?

Klaus: Yes. Exactly. Part of the excercise required authorities to warn guests at the Great Eastern Hotel, near Liverpool Street Station.

Leo: Did it go off without a hitch?

Klaus: There was one error. One of the red team members was out with some friends the night before and likely slept in. He was running late and took a bus to the rendevous point. After he heard reports of the other bombs going off in the Underground, he likely tried to defuse the bomb. Already there are reports of an agitated man fiddling with his rucksack.

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